Made in: Iran
Manufacturer: Farayand Argham Pardaz Inc.
PERIJA Plus is the smart water leak detector with high sensitivity, unique filtering of unwanted sounds, the ability to compare the sound of different points and accurate display of sound changes in the test area for precise leak detection in professional operating environments.
The leakage of all types of tubes in difficult environments is critical to this leak detection.
Capability and Specifications:
- 9 filters to remove unwanted sounds
- Equipped with Filter-Scan system
- Suitable for all types of tubes
- Equipped with a 5-inch full-color display
- Functional in 5 languages
- Equipped with GPS interfacing with CEP 2.5m
- Equipped with internal data logger with 1000 points data storage
- Equipped with Bluetooth technology
- Equipped with internal temperature and humidity sensors
- Support Bluetooth and stereo headphones
- Measure simultaneously the minimum and average points of the sound
- The ability to compare the sound of different points of the pipe with each other
- Li-ion rechargeable battery
- Ability to support FAP-APP application
- Professional in water loss reduction projects
- Operating temperature -10 to +50 ° C
- Equipped with Nanuk waterproof and shockproof carrying case
- Very easy and smart to use
- 2 years warranty
- 10 years after-sales service
- Farsi manuals and training vide

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